2020 ICH NGO Conference

ICH and Resilience in Crisis

Day 1

1.Special Lecture: Resilience System Analysis(Roberto Martinez Yllescas)

1-1.Uncovering the Veil of Immaterial Cultural Heritage Towards and Autonomous Management of Well-Being (Carolina Bermudez)

1-2.Holistic Development Model of Community-Based Intangible Cultural Heritage of Yuen Long District in Hong Kong of China (Kai-kwong Choi)

1-3.Indigenous Knowledge System as a vector in combating COVID-19(Alington Ndlovu)

1-4.Enlivening Dyeing Tradition and ICH: The initiative of ARHI in North East of India(Dibya Borah)

2.The popular reaction to COVID-19 from the Intangible Cultural Heritage among member cities of the ICCN(Julio Nacher)

2-1.Innovation for Arts and Cultural Education Amid a Pandemic(Jeffrey Poulin)

2-2.Promoting Heritage Education through Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Kalasha Valleys of Pakistan(Ghiasuddin Pir & Meeza Ubaid)

2-3.Shifting to Online Activities: Digital Divide among the NGOs and ICH Communities in Korea(Hanhee Hahm)

Day 2

3. Special Lecture: Survey on the Regional Imbalance of NGOs

3-1. Crafting a Post Covid-19 World: Building Greater Resilience in the Crafts Sector through Strengthening Ties with its Community’s Cultural System (Joseph Lo)

3-2. Arts and Influence: Untangling Corporate Engagement in the Cultural Sector (Nicholas Pozek)

3-3. ICH in the South-Western Alps: Empowering communities through youth education on nature and cultural practices (Alessio Re)

3-4.Discussion – Consilience: Prototype vs. Archetype for Educational Source

3-5.Plenary Discussion – Post Corona: Between Calm and Passion