ICH Webinar Series on Higher Education

ICH Safeguarding and Higher Education during COVID-19

Session 1

1-1. UNESCO Online Survey Results on Living Heritage Experience and the COVID 19 Pandemic (Juliette Hopkins)

1-2. Reviving the Living Landscape System of Lai Chi Wo for Urban Sustainability(Anna Yau)

1-3. Living Heritage Experiences in the Context of the COVID 19 Pandemic in Singapore(Yeo Kirk Siang)

1-4. Disaster as Opportunity in the era of COVID-19(Christopher Ballard)

1-5. Te-er/Tengao: The Significance of the Compulsory ‘Rest’ Day of the Bontoks in Mt. Province (Eric Zerrudo)

Session 2

2-1. Pedagogy for ICH and the COVID-19 Pandemic(Neel Kamal Chapagain)

2-2. Core KnowledgeRequirement and Practice within Heritage Education(Kristal Buckley)

2-3. Documentary Film and Narrative Techniques for Architecture Students’ Understanding of Local Cultural Heritage(Nikhil Joshi)

2-4. Digital Technologies to Support New Forms of Resilience(Danilo Pesce)

2-5. Inheritance and Innovation of the Intangible Heritage during the COVID 19 Pandemic(Jin Jiangbo)

Session 3

3-1. Network of Higher Education Institutions for ICH Safeguarding in Europe(Christina Ortega Nuere)

3-2. Network of Higher Education Institutions for ICH Safeguarding in Southern Africa(Jacob Mapara)

3-3. ReCAPCILAC: A Co-Construction Experience for ICH Safeguarding(Monica Guariglio)

3-4. Collaboration amongst higher education institutions in the Asia-Pacific(Ms. Injee Kim)

Session 4

4-1. Inter-regional Field Experiences on Curriculum Development for ICH Safeguarding(Emily Drani)

4-2. Strengthening Heritage Management Capacity in the Pacific Islands(Frances C. Koya Vaka’uta)

4-3. From the Blue Book to a Blue Ocean Strategy in Higher Education(Marc Jacobs)