2020 interntional Online seminar

Online Seminar on Cultural Diversity and Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

Session 2

17 December 2020

Global Citizenship Education (GCED) in Primary Education

Moderator: Prof. Kyung Han LEE, Jeonju National University of Education

15:40-15:55 [Presentation 1] GCED in the Primary Education System in the Republic of Korea Dr. Utak CHUNG
Former Director-General of APCEIU
15:55-16:10 [Presentation 2] Building Human-being’s Creative Ability through GCED Ms. Sophea BUN
Primary School Teacher, Cambodia
16:10-16:25 [Presentation 3] Case study – Peace Education in the Primary School Education System Mr. Jose Fernando Mejia
Executive Director, Classrooms in Peace Program
16:25-16:40 [Presentation 4] Case Study – Teachers Training Course for GCED in Worldvision Ms. Sang Eun NAM
Advocacy & Public Engagement Director, Worldvision Korea
16:40-17:00 Q&A Session